Welcome to Winona County Emergency Management

  • Near Elba in 2007
    Near Elba in 2007
  • Residential flooding in Winona County in 2007
    Residential flooding in 2007
  • Fire at the Islamic Center in Winona
    Fire in Winona
  • 2007 Flooding in Winona County
    2007 Flooding
  • Washed out bridge in Winona County
    Washed out bridge

StatusWinona County is under normal operating conditions.

Winona County Emergency Management maintains an on-call state of readiness twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is accomplished through the dedication of Minnesota Certified Emergency Managers. Ben Klinger is the Emergency Management Director. 

The mission of Winona County Emergency Management is to minimize the impact of catastrophic events on our citizens, the economy, and public infrastructure.  This is accomplished through working in 5 mission areas:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Mitigation
  • Response
  • Recovery

We hope this website will provide you with valuable information regarding the Emergency Management program and our services, along with helpful disaster preparedness information.


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